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Are you the beneficiary of a life insurance or disability insurance contract or an automobile injury claim, and find yourself at a stalemate with an insurance company?

Insurance claims aren’t easy. The insurance company has a legal department and an army of lawyers. It’s you against a stacked team.

We’ve decided to even your odds.

Just tell us your story in the comment box below and we’ll get you assistance with your problem from the law firm of Andrew Suboch B.A., LL.B. which has over 30 years experience successfully fighting insurance companies.

Successful litigation of personal injury claims, insurance lawsuits and claims settlement are our specialty.

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PS. This page is for life and health insurance claim advice. We have a separate page for auto and property insurance claim advice.

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At LSM Insurance, we are dedicated to helping life insurance claimants get a fair shake from insurers. We have always offered claim assistance to our own customers and are excited to announce our latest project.

We have teamed up with one of the top legal firms in Canada to help life insurance claimants get a legal opinion on their situation – for free.

Just tell us your story in the box below and we will give you our best advice based on areas injury law palm beach serve and the circumstances. Of course, we can’t investigate all the details over the internet, but if you tell us the full story, we can give you a pretty good idea of what your options and what your chances are.

We do sometimes publish our advice as a service to other consumers, but we always remove any personally identifying details from what you send us.

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Andrew Suboch B.A., LL.B.

Andrew Suboch B.A., LL.B.


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Andy Suboch
Andy Suboch

I am a duly licensed lawyer in Ontario who practices in the areas of personal injury and insurance law. I have handled many cases such as you describe below. I have been asked to respond to your inquiry. An insurance contract is a contract of utmost good faith. Both sides must treat each other fairly and make full and frank disclosure with respect to prior conditions. If a party fails to disclose a pre-existing condition, such failure may vitiate the insurance contract making it void from the beginning (“void ab initio”). However, there may be extenuating circumstances – your mother… Read more »


My mother pass away a year ago.Her life insurance claim was denied, she did not disclosed her initial cancer stage when a bank insurance agent offer her insurance without medical disclosure or medical checkup. Are the family entitle to a premium refund?


My husband died in a single car roll over. His BAC was …. He was diabetic and he had elevTed blood sugar at the time of his death. The coroner’s toxicology test said that confirmation of the etoh could not be performed due to the elevated glucose result. It also said that the etoh result could be invalid due to the high sugar. Can the insurance company still deny his AD & S D coverage? Do I have a case against this?


So I got hurt and my Insurance company said that I waved my disability portion of my insurance policy.
However I do not at all remember signing a waiver for that.
What can I do?


Good morning, My husband and I applied for a life insurance 2 months ago, just before Christmas. Not having heard from them since then, I phoned the gentleman who is trying to sell it to us. He made some inquiries and found out that they have lost my entire medical exams (questionnaire and blood work). I am shocked that something like this could happen and that the company would not make contact with me to inform me of the situation, present apologies and reinsure me that everything would be done to find what happened. I still haven’t heard from them.… Read more »

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