Canadian Financial Calculators

  1. Canadian 2012 Tax Credit Calculator
    Plug in the relevant details, hit the button and voila — find out how much your tax credit entitles you to. thumbnail

  2. Get Your CE Credits!

  3. Life Insurance Needs Analysis: How Much Insurance Do You Need
    Instant life insurance needs analysis in just three easy steps. You fill in some basic figures and LSM tells you how much insurance you need. thumbnail

  4. Canadian Income Tax Calculator 2015

  5. Term Life Quote for Canadians
    Free Term Life quote for Canada from Accuquote's preferred Canadian partner, LSM Insurance. thumbnail

    Looking for affordable whole life insurance? LSM Insurance offers quotes from 20+ insurers across Canada. We have been serving Canadians for over 25 years. thumbnail

  7. Internal Rate of Return calculator for Life Insurance
    The best way to measure life insurance as an investment is to calculate its Internal Rate of Return (aka IRR). Here's an IRR calculator for life insurance. thumbnail

  8. Key Canadian Financial Indicators
    All Canada's key financial data for individuals in one spot: Mortgage Rates (multi-year), Bank of Canada Term Deposits and the inflation rate. thumbnail

  9. Mortgage Life Insurance Calculator
    Check out our state-of-the-art Mortgage Payment Calculator. Answer a couple of questions and receive an instant calculation of your mortgage payment. thumbnail

  10. Group Insurance
    Fill in the from for a free quotation on Group Benefits insurance. You also get our Four Essential Tips to Review for before Buying a Health and Dental Plan. thumbnail

  11. Ontario Term Life Insurance Quote
    An instant term life quote for Ontario residents from Canada's top 15 insurers. No wait! thumbnail

  12. Child Care Calculator
    Discover how much money you earn by working and paying the child-care. thumbnail

  13. Life Insurance Ottawa
    Just select the policy you want and press Retrieve Quotes to instantly see life insurance quotes from Ottawa. thumbnail

  14. Instant Competitive Life Insurance Quote
    Over 50% of our clients appreciate a savings of 30% or more on their life insurance premiums! It pays to get a competitive bid. thumbnail

    Looking for affordable group benefits? We offer the best value plans by working with all top providers of group benefits across Canada for 25+ years. thumbnail

  16. Application Request
    An application request form allows you to request an application online for insurance coverage. Fill in a couple of fields and send it to Lorne. thumbnail