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We’ve Got The Answers: What is The Edge’s Target Market?

I am joined, once again, my Doug Paton, sales consultant at The Edge, to discussyet another interesting topic. This week, we discussed target markets. No matter what business/field you are in, you are serving a certain audience who ...

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Accidental Death Insurance: What You Must Know before Buying it

Some insurance products are quite straight-forward (e.g. term life insurance), but others were created when insurance companies saw an opportunity in the market to increase their sales while reducing their own risk of needing to pay the claims. Accidental death insurance (often called accidental death and dismemberment) is one of these products. Think of this product this way: “If you look for a ...

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We’ve Got The Answers: What Is Access Life?

Lorne: I am joined today by Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellenceand we have shared some great discussions regarding the insurance industry. One of the topics that really caught my attention was access life. We have a lot ...

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What is New at The Edge?

Doug Paton has worked in the financial industry for over 5 years, working with a number of leading insurance companies over that time frame. He currently works as a sales consultant at The Edge. What do you enjoy about working at The Edge? Coming from larger institutions, it's refreshing to ...

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We’ve Got The Answers: What are the Benefits of a Term Plus Plan?

Lorne: Thank you, Barry, for joining me yet again to discuss everything new and exciting about SSQ Financial. I wanted to discuss what SSQ has to offer to the clients. A good topic that I thought we could touch upon is the term plus plan- most life insurance companies in Canada offer term insurance and SSQ does as well but let's talk a little bit about the term plus and how it is ...

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Life Insurance Strategies for Business Owners

Bio Philip Setter is an insurance and investment professional based out of Calgary, Alberta. He is also the founder and managing partner of Business Critical - a multi-discipline ...

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We’ve Got The Answers: What’s New At SSQ?

Lorne: I am joined today with Barry Rubin, Director of Business Development at SSQ, and I wanted to catch up with him to get the scoop on what is new at SSQ. I am wearing my Raptors hat in celebration of the victories the Raptors have been having this season. Barry and I actually went to ...

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Critical Illness Strategies for Business Owners

Philip Setter is an insurance and investment professional based out of Calgary, Alberta. He is also the founder and managing partner of Business Critical - a multi-discipline advisory firm focused on corporate tax strategies. Working with Business Critical as your business advisors and tax strategists will give you a clear overview and direction ...

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LSM Insurance Turns 25: Serving Canadians from Coast to Coast

LSM Insurance – from 1993 to today LSM Insurance’s geographical coverage LSM Insurance team Our insurance partners LSM Insurance’s first steps in ...

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10 Ways to Increase Your Life Insurance Sales

When I started in the insurance industry in 1993, it was a much different environment. There was much less noise and people were more likely to listen. I was 24 at the time and my natural market was very limited; most of my friends were just graduating from University, had limited incomes, and most were not married with kids. I was an active cold caller in my first year which again, was a lot different than it is today. People were not being barraged by telemarketers and automated messages and they would actually pick up the phone when you called. If I look at my old calling logs, I ...

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