5 Reasons To Buy Life Insurance If You Have Dependents

LSM Insurance President, Chantal Marr, was quoted by CTV News’ Chief Financial Commentator, Patricia Lovett-Reid on Canada AM. Pattie shared Chantal’s top 5 reasons why someone with dependents should buy life insurance.


Pros and Cons of Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance gives you flexible, cost-effective coverage that lasts a lifetime. It can be personalized to suit your changing needs and has a combined tax-advantage investment component that you can manage according to your risk tolerance and financial goals. Universal Life Insurance was invented by the recently deceased George R. Dinney in 1962. He explains the concept in his authorship of “Life Insurance as a Game.”


Canadians Rarely Solicited by Life Insurance Agents

Most Canadians understand the importance of insurance. When you buy a car or a house, you must buy insurance – the finance company insists on this and the law requires it, especially car insurance. However, even though they know they also need life insurance, they are rarely asked to buy any.

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