BBD’s Diagnostic Specialist Access Insurance

Even a small company can bring big benefits
BBD’s new group plan
can bring unique benefits.

To kick off the new year, BBD (Benefits by Design) will be launching Diagnostic Specialist Access Insurance underwritten by Industrial Alliance Pacific. This product allows employees and their dependents who are on medical waiting lists longer than 21 days immediate access to diagnostic examinations such as CT and MRI scans and specialist consultations.

There are no medical exams or other evidence of insurability required, and every employee is eligible for the plan until age 74. The monthly cost of the plan is $14.50 per month for a single individual, $29.00 per month for a couple, and $43.50 per month for a family.

Additional benefits of the plan include the following:

  • No deductible or co-payment
  • A lifetime benefit maximum of $1 million USD
  • Travel expenses provided for diagnostics

The plan is available as a stand-alone policy or as an add-on complement to your existing group insurance plan.

For more information on group insurance products, contact us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Group Benefits Quote Page.

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