Life Insurance for Bodybuilders

Posted on December 15, 2010 and updated July 24, 2013 in Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News, Non-medical, Term Insurance 2 min read
Bodybuilders need to
keep certain issues in mind
when applying for life insurance.
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Most insurance companies use body mass indicators similar to this one when underwriting life insurance applications. This can create a stumbling block for bodybuilders whose build and health levels can be very different from inactive individuals with a similar BMI.

Bodybuilders also have to be careful when answering the questions under a traditional life insurance application. Most applications do not ask questions related specifically to steroids, or other performance enhancing drugs, but their use would fall under a more general question similar to that found in an application from Canada Life. The question may be something similar to the following:

“Have you ever used cocaine, Marijuana, hashish, narcotics or other hallucinogenic, illicit, or habit-forming drugs.”

A positive answer to the above question would not necessarily mean an outright decline, since the frequency of use, along with the amount of time between the last use would influence the underwriting decision.

Many simplified issue policies do not ask body mass or drug-related questions and may provide an alternate solution.

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Hook Up
Hook Up

Can I get life insurance if I use steroids and how do they factor this in.

LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

Yes you can get life insurance, the premiums and plan type depend on last use and the amount and any other health issues.

We explore the issue in more detail here

LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

Thanks for the note Ray. Your premiums will depend on your age, the policy face amount and type of plan. We’ll send you a separate email now. Regards,


non-smoker, no heaith issues, and not on any medications.