What You Must Know about the New Canada Protection Plan Express Elite Policy?

Lorne: I’m with Mike Liem of Canada Protection Plan today. I know you guys have a lot of changes with your applications. I thought today would be a great day to go over some of the different plans and how your new Express Elite Program works versus your A-Z application.

Mike: Great. Thanks again for having me, Lorne. Basically, the Express Elite was introduced on May 29th, and it’s targeted for healthy people ages 18-60. If someone turned 20 or turned 30 asks for the half-million-dollar plan, it’s fully no medical. For the most part, it’s going to be incident issue because the people are healthy. The A-Z is just renamed A-Z because it’s our existing application that everyone has known for the last four years. Basically, we named it A-Z because we cover all medical conditions, from A-Z. Whether your client has had cancer, heart attack, stroke, or diabetes, we cover all those conditions. Whatever conditions they have we probably can cover them either way. But, like I said, whether your client is heathy or sick, we are able to cover them up to 18-80 years of age.

Lorne: That’s great! How is the feedback on the new setup?

Mike: Great! I believe, in Toronto—we had the product release event out there—there were over 700 guests!

Lorne: Wow!

Mike: A lot of people came to see the product release there. It takes time to get advisors to start utilizing it because it is a learning curve, but by the time everyone knows how to do it, whether it’s on paper or online, it gives the advantage that you can do both. Clients are different from different generations in their businesses, and we want to cater it both to people who use paper as well as to people who use the internet.

Lorne: That’s great! Thanks for sharing, Mike.

Mike: No problem. Thank you.


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