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When it comes to many areas of our lives, there are traits that can aid us in succeeding in all of them. I touched on empathy previously and discussed how it can help in the work, family, social, and fitness aspects of your life. This week, I wanted to talk about another trait that can help in all areas of our lives, as well. That is the power of focus.

From a young age, we are educated on the importance of focus. We start out by understanding focus from an academic standpoint and as we age, we expand our focus towards various elements. In the insurance field, for example, focus is extremely important. In order to get work done in order to benefit yourself and the clients, you have to be able to focus on the task at hand. The ability to harness a good level of focus has aided me in being successful with my business and the clients I help on a daily basis.

Additional, another great area where focus is imperative is fitness. If you know me personally, you would know that I am a huge fitness buff. I have a blog, FitAfter45, where I share tips, recipes, workouts, and fitness knowledge. Focus is a crucial element when you are at the gym, working out, or participating in any fitness activity. Over the last couple of years, I have interviewed a lot of great athletes. One of the great athletes that come to mind is Johnny Olsen, a fellow that has overcome a lot and is doing incredible at his age. When it comes to fitness, Johnny adheres to a very higher standard of focus. Talking to him, he discussed how he creates a visualization of the muscle he is training which allows him to get a better pump and to perform better, overall.

Another individual who is a really big proponent of the power of focus is, Robby Robinson. Robby is a former Mr. Olympia who, at the age of 72, is in phenomenal shape. Robby, too, emphasizes the importance of focusing while you are training; not getting distracted by outside elements and having a plan of action with what you want to achieve.

Overall, focus is a key trait when it comes to finding success in all elements of life. Focus allows us to achieve our goals and continuously prosper and grow.

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