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I am joined, once again, my Doug Paton, sales consultant at The Edge, to discuss yet another interesting topic. This week, we discussed target markets. No matter what business/field you are in, you are serving a certain audience who will benefit greatly from what you have to offer. The Edge does exactly this. While they strive to provide excellent service to everyone, there is a target demographic they reach better than any other.

Traditionally, The Edge’s target market are truckers. When they first came into the industry, truckers were their main market and although they have branched out to serve various individuals in various markets, truckers are still a massive portion of their market. In more recent years, they have shifted focus towards the self-employed market.

Why is The Edge such a good fit for truckers?

Truckers are self-employed individuals which is where The Edge specializes. They can opt out of WSIB and go with an Edge Plan, bundling coverage that a fleet owner will require the drivers to have. These policies include coverage for the following: disability, accidental death or dismemberment, travel medical and accidental medical reimbursement.

Does The Edge offer a bundle discount?

Good news- yes, they do! The roadside edge pack is inclusive for truckers and can be finely tuned depending on the fleet (i.e., if they do not leave the province, they do not need travel coverage). Success in the travel market is focused on high gross/low net, self-employed individuals. Typically, they have issues insuring these individuals for the income they need replaced.

Overall, the trucker market has been loyal to The Edge and vice versa, with The Edge providing this market with the benefits they require to ensure they remain protected and covered in their line of work.

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