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Lorne: I am joined today with Barry Rubin, Director of Business Development at SSQ, and I wanted to catch up with him to get the scoop on what is new at SSQ. I am wearing my Raptors hat in celebration of the victories the Raptors have been having this season. Barry and I actually went to game one and not to toot our own horns, but we were good luck charms that day! Hopefully, we will bring the series home this year.

In terms of sports, there is certainly a lot going on and the same can be said with SSQ. Barry is here to fill us in on some new changes that were recently implemented over at SSQ.

Barry: There is certainly a lot going on here at SSQ and one of the major changes has to do with a simple name change. At the beginning of the year, SSQ has decided to rebrand and change the name slightly. Up until now, SSQ was SSQ Financial Group and now we have changed that a little bit and go back to the roots, SSQ Insurance. We are starting to get the brand out to the rest of Canada and now have ads all over T.V. in Ontario as well as billboards located here in Downtown Toronto. With this rebranding, our goal is to make our presence in North America known and respected. We want to gain better authority in the industry we are in and this rebranding is giving us the opportunity to do so.

Lorne: That is terrific. It certainly gives people an opportunity to discover a great company with great people who work there. It also gives people the opportunity to discover the various products your company provides that can be beneficial to them

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