We’ve Got The Answers: What Is Access Life?


Lorne: I am joined today by IA Excellence and we have shared some great discussions regarding the insurance industry. One of the topics that really caught my attention was access life. We have a lot of brokers asking us about the product and I thought it would be a great opportunity to hear more about it.

Jaclyn: Thank you for having me, Lorne and I would certainly love to provide more detail about the access life product. It was launched two years ago and the intended purpose with it is to create access for more clients to generate opportunities for coverage. Sometimes it is hard for them to qualify for traditional products, hence, we wanted to create a product that is easier to qualify for.

Access Life is made up of four steps; one having no questions and three having various questions. The first step has no questions, so everyone can qualify, at least for step one, regardless of their health. Beyond that, there are three more steps, all made up of different questions. The more questions you can answer no to, the more face money you have access to and you will also see the price fall.

Lorne: Access Life certainly seems like a well-thought-out product. Sounds like a good fit for a lot of our clients, especially those who may have had issues in the past or may have potential issues in the future when it comes to qualifying for coverage. It also sounds like a good fit for a lot of our brokers as well and gives them an opportunity to aid their clients that much more. Thank you for coming in today, Jaclyn, and discussing Access Life with us.

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