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Lorne: I’ve been having some great discussions with my friend, Mike Liem of Canada Protection Plan. One thing we talked about was the workplace itself here at LSM. I think it is a very fun place to work and the people who work with me are great people. I know Mike certainly feels the same way about the people at Canada Protection Plan. So today I wanted to ask him, what do you enjoy most about working at Canada Protection Plan?

Mike: Just like LSM, Canada Protection Plan is a company that is based on family and every individual is considered family. I have worked at bigger companies in the past that are very corporately structured; however, Canada Protection Plan is a little bit different. Everyone has a voice and those higher up in the business are very approachable. When I see my boss, I give him a hug because that is the way our culture is.

Again, it is just a very fun place to work. I have been there almost 4 years (this May would may it 4) and I would not dream of being anywhere else. I am very happy and I do not consider it a “job”. I get up, I love what I do, and I get paid for it.

Lorne: I agree. I think you hit the nail on the head and I think that is why the two companies work so well together. Canada Protection Plan has that family dynamic and culture, just as LSM does. We talked previously about a great Christmas party you had and how you helped us support some of our initiatives, such as Lupus Bowl. I think it is very terrific the way the companies run and I think Mike is doing a great job in all he does.

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