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Today’s Question: How can music impact my life insurance?

I’m wearing a Sting shirt today from a recent concert I went to and it got me thinking about two things that I am really passionate about. The first is fitness and health. As many of you know, I started a website called FitAfter45 which focuses on staying fit and healthy as you get older. This leads me to the second thing I am very passionate about and that is getting people the most value on their life insurance. That is exactly what we do at LSM Insurance. So how exactly does music correlate to this particular passion?

For those who are avid music listeners, whether you’re a concert goer or someone who just likes tuning into the radio on your drive to work, you know that music provides your body with a sense of euphoria and relaxation. That’s where everything blends together because by listening to music, staying focused, and staying relaxed, you are going to maximize your health and you’re going to have the best possible impact on the illnesses you do have. This will allow you to remain as healthy as possible. The great thing about staying healthy is number one, you’re going to enjoy your life that much more and number two, you’re going to save money on your life insurance. It is important to ensure you take care of your body by any means possible. Take the time to listen to your favourite album, hit the gym, or cook your favourite meal. Not only will your body thank you, your wallet will as well!

Staying healthy will save you money on your life insurance policy and working with us will do that as well!

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