What Makes IA Excellence Different- Q & A with Jaclyn Nemethy


I recently reached out to Jaclyn Nemethy, Regional Sales Director at IA Excellence to give a breakdown on what makes IA Excellence so different.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background. How did you get started in the insurance industry?

Jaclyn Nemethy is a graduate of the University of Toronto with an Honours degree in Human Biology. She joined IA Excellence as the Inside Sales Associate and has been a Regional Sales Director servicing Ontario for the past three and a half years. Jaclyn’s experience includes three years as the Ontario representative of North America’s leading provider of laboratory services for medical underwriting. Jaclyn is known for her thorough knowledge and providing her advisors with exceptional support and training on all the living benefits solutions IA Excellence can offer. She sits on the Advocis Toronto Chapter Board as a Director. She recently attained her CHS designation and is now working towards her CLU designation.

What are some of the things you find most enjoyable about working with IA Excellence?

IA Excellence is a relatively new brand outside Quebec. I enjoy working with our agency and broker partners in developing their awareness and skills in growing and servicing a DI marketplace. There are endless prospects with living benefits in Canada today and I enjoy being there to help brokers develop their skill set to uncover this massive opportunity.

What are three things a lot of consumers and brokers may not know about IA Excellence?

Living Benefits – At IA Excellence, our main focus is living benefits. Our product is designed to offer robust DI and CI solutions to an under-served middle market.

Largest Guaranteed Renewable DI Provider in Canada – According to the LIMRA.

Paperless – IA Excellence has moved to a paperless platform called Assure&Go. This platform has allowed for customers to obtain insurance immediately through a simple non-medical application process. It also allows brokers to contact more clients and offer solutions because applications can be done non-face-to-face.

Can you give a quick rundown of the different Disability Plans at IA Excellence?

We have a few flagship products:

1.  Acci-Jet – Simple issue Income Replacement up to $6000 per month.  Only 3 questions for the Accident and Soft Tissue coverage.  You can also add illness with another set of questions found on the application.
2.  Superior – Underwritten Income replacement up to $10,000 per month.  Accident and illness coverage. 
3.  Universal Loan – Creditor Insurance
                                        i.    Up to $5000 of tax-free monthly benefit based on client debt rather than income (Example – mortgage, car loan, line of credit, corporate loan…)
                                      ii.    The entire amount applied for is non-integrated with any other income DI (Example – group DI, WSIB, EI, Canada Protection Plan…)
                                    iii.    We pay the insured directly (we do not pay the financial institution where the loan is).
                                    iv.    Underwritten at time of application (not like bank insurance that is underwritten at time of claim).
                                      v.    Policy is completely portable between different loans and different financial institutions.
4.  Acci-7 – Accident Insurance for all Ages (15 days old to age 80)

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