We’ve Got The Answers: Which is the Best Life Insurance Company in Canada?


Today’s Question: Which is the best life insurance company in Canada?

This is quite a loaded questions, like most of the questions I get and there are many different components to the answer. Choosing which company you want to purchase your insurance from is similar to choosing your policy. There are a plethora of factors that will play a role in determining which company will best suit you.


Certain companies will benefit certain individuals and needs more so than others. It really depends on the person’s age, the amount of coverage they are looking for, their smoking status, the type of plan there are looking for, and any health issues. All these variables come into play because certain insurance companies really specialize in certain markets.

One company may be great for a 35-year-old male looking for a million dollars of term 20 coverage, whilst another company may be more beneficial for a 65-year-old female looking for fifty thousand of permanent coverage. Another company may also be better for an individual who has health issues stuck as cancer, stroke, or heart disease, to name a few, or perhaps someone who has had past drug issues or travel issues.

The reason I mention the various different factors is that a lot of insurance companies have their own underwriting protocols that can differ from company to company.

It’s best to work with a broker who is experienced in all these areas and can ensure you get the best life insurance policy from the best company for your particular situation.


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