We’ve Got The Answers: How Can I Motivate My Clients to Take Action?

Today’s Life Insurance Question: how can I motivate my clients to take action?

This question came to me while I was thinking about The Raptors season starting tomorrow (and it just so happens I am prepared with my Raptors shirt today!). I thought about a challenge that Coach Casey faces- how does he motivate his players?

As advisors, we face the same challenge and that is getting our clients to take action, especially with something such as life insurance, which is an intangible product. A big part of dealing with this challenge, in this case, is showing your clients the need- why they need the product and what the product can do for them. 

Life Insurance is a very valuable product that can change peoples lives and it’s our job as advisors to show people the value and what it can do for them and their family. This is how you motivate people to take action!

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