Today’s Question: How Can I Cut My Life Insurance Rates?


Today’s Question: How can I cut my life insurance rates?

You might be wondering why I have a cut softball in my hand and I am proud to say, I am the cause of the state this softball is in. This softball hit the top of the fence and got sliced in half on its way over. Now, I am no Roy Hobbs, but it certainly was an impressive moment for me and it made me think about a question that came in on how you can cut your life insurance rates.

A great way to cut your insurance rates if you are a smoker is to quit smoking. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do, but the benefits surely make it worth doing. One, you will improve your health and two, you’ll cut your rates significantly. Most life insurance companies need you to quit smoking for a period of at least twelve months; that includes cigarettes and all nicotine related products.

Life insurance depends greatly on the health of the individual. Non smokers who are relatively healthy will receive better rates. Another great way to cut your insurance rates is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a good, clean diet and exercising regularly are great ways to improve your overall health and aid you in cutting those rates. Keep it mind, rates will always come down to your overall health.

So once again, a great way to save on your life insurance and simultaneously improve your health is to quit smoking and work your way to a healthier life style. Make sure you find a broker who can shop all the different companies and knows all the different policies so you can get the best possible rate.

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