We’ve Got The Answers: How Does Accidental Life Insurance Work?


Today’s Question: How does accidental life insurance work?

First of all, to understand how accidental life insurance works, you have to know what exactly it is. If you are unsure, we did an article for MoneySense Magazine that discussed the premise of accidental life insurance that you can check out here.

The key with accidental life insurance is that it is a very profitable product for the insurance company because very few people die by accident. In my mind the bigger issue on hand is that you do not need more life insurance if you die by accident than you do if you pass due to regular causes. Many of these accidental life insurance policies pay out double of the person where to die by accident, however, a person does not all of the sudden need a million dollars because they died by accident versus five hundred thousand dollars if they die by regular cause.
With any life insurance policy, it is imperative to look at how much insurance you actually need. Once you find that out you can then find a plan that best fits your budget; whether is be a term policy or a permanent policy. This is where a broker can come in because they will be able to aid you in determining this need and also to find the right policy for your budget, your needs, and your goals!
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