Stay Fit, Save Money, and Cheer On The Jays!


Today’s Question: How can I save money on my Life Insurance?

I thought I would take a slightly different slant with answering today’s question. If you know me, you know I am a big Blue Jays fan. So I thought I would give you an idea on how you can save money on your Life Insurance while you are enjoying the Jay game and be a little healthier in the process.

The Rogers Centre is home to the Blue Jays, but it is also home to an abundance of greasy, fattening food. Everything from nachos to chili cheese dogs! Not only are these foods quite unhealthy, they also tend to be very pricy. One thing that I do when I go down to see The Jays is bring my own food and my own snacks. I’ll usually bring a bag of almonds, a bag of macadamia nuts, or even my own jerky. Now, that isn’t a jerky idea, trust me! You can make your own jerky; it is a great, healthy snack and it is very cost effective.

Doing all these things is going to allow you to stay healthier, give you a lot more energy to cheer on The Jays, and you are going to save money on your food bill. How can this quick fix help you save money on your Life Insurance? Simple! Healthier individuals generally pay less for Life Insurance. Ditching those overloaded nachos and messy hot dogs will certainly benefit you in the long run (and in more ways than one)!

Enjoy The Jays and save money with LSM!

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