We’ve Got The Answers: I’ve Used Steroids, Can I still Qualify for Life Insurance?

Today’s Question: If I used steroids seven years ago, can I still qualify for Life Insurance?
When it comes to any substance usage, whether it be steroids, marijuana, tobacco, etc, there are different procedures when it comes to obtaining a Life Insurance Policy.
In most instances, if the person who used steroids seven years ago had no surrounding health or lifestyle issues, they should qualify for a traditional fully underwritten policy. However, if they have some lifestyle or health issues (such as substance use, tobacco use, heart attack, cancer), they may have a rated policy or they may get declined. If this is the case, the person may want to look at submitting a preliminary inquiry.
A preliminary inquiry will allow the broker to make an informal inquiry to the underwriter in determining if you will qualify for Life Insurance or not. If it looks like there is going to be a heavy rating or there is a chance you may be declined, you can look down the road of a simplified issue policy. These policies have no medical tests and contain a short series of questions. The more questions you can answer no to, the better the plan you qualify for.
Just as any other substance use, the type of policy you qualify for is determined mainly on the premise of lifestyle and health in the present.
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