We’ve Got The Answers: I am a Marijuana User, can I apply for Life Insurance?

Today’s Question: I am a marijuana user, can I apply for Life Insurance?

Pamela Kwiatkowski, Associate Vice President at Assumption Life, joins us to break down the correlation between marijuana usage and Life Insurance. So, can marijuana users apply for Life Insurance? Absolutely. There are a plethora of options for marijuana users. Coverage depends mainly on how much and how often one is using marijuana; these factors will determine the rate and the type of coverage for the individual.

When applying, you may be asked to complete a drug questionnaire, as well as other various tests to determine if you will have a higher rating on your policy (meaning you pay a higher premium), or if you are issued as a Standard Rate, Non-Smoker, or Smoker Rate.

If you are unsure what policy is best for you, speak to a Licensed Life Insurance Advisor; they will help you determine what is best for your situation.

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