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Chartered Professional Accountant –

1. What Type of Life Insurance do you own?

We own term life insurance.

2. What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount?

We looked at our outstanding liabilities. We also considered how much capital we would need to generate enough investment income to help meet our living expenses.

3. Do you believe in Life Insurance for Children?

No, not for young children.

4. What is The Biggest Life Insurance mistake people make?

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking that the life insurance coverage they have through their employment is enough, when it usually isn’t.

5. Outside of Life Insurance what other types of individual insurance are often over looked?

I think that disability insurance is often overlooked. Perhaps people are overly optimistic about their health and their ability to keep working forever!

Robin Taub is a Chartered Professional Accountant, a financial literacy consultant, speaker, blogger and best-selling author. Robin has held professional positions in both audit and taxation at two of Canada’s largest accounting firms, spent five years in the complex world of Derivatives Marketing at Citibank Canada and currently works with various organizations to create financial literacy information, programs and resources. Robin is also passionate about improving opportunities for women CPAs to advance into positions of leadership and is Chair of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada’s Women’s Leadership Council. Robin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Robin is the mother of two teenage children. She lives in Toronto and enjoys an active family life including cycling, hiking, snowboarding, music, travel, and reading.

You can learn more about Robin by visiting and you can follow her on Twitter @robintaub.

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