David Hutchison | Director of Sales, Western Ontario Foresters Canada


David Hutchison

Director of Sales, Western Ontario
Foresters Canada

  • What type of life insurance do you own?

I currently own an universal life insurance policy with a level cost of insurance.

  • What factors did you consider when determining the coverage amount?

I was young when I purchased my plan and the main factor, at the time, was to cover‎ student debts, funeral expenses and to leave extra for my family. In addition, I wanted something that would grow with time. Something that would increase as my needs did with time.

  • Do you believe in life insurance for children?

Absolutely! Insuring children is a great way to cover future insurability and provide access to cash value for post-secondary education needs or down-payments. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the opportunity to get an adult’s coverage, at a child’s rate?

  • What is the biggest life insurance mistake people make?

Waiting. ‎Life insurance tends to be put on the back burner, running the risks and the costs up unnecessarily.

  • Outside of life insurance what other types of individual insurance are often over looked‎?

A crucial mistake in today’s world is that critical illness and disability insurance are often overlooked by advisors when analyzing a financial plan for their clients. Ask your clients, “how would they maintain their current lifestyle in the event of an illness or accident?” Chances are, they have no idea.

David Hutchison started in the Policy Owner Services Dept with Foresters in 2009, before joining the Sales team in 2010. After 3 years as an Inside Sales Support Specialist, David transitioned to role of Brokerage Manager before being promoted to Director of Sales, Eastern Ontario. David’s mandate is to educate advisors and to help build their business utilizing Foresters’ unique value proposition. A little known fact, David worked as a TV sports broadcaster in Kitchener for a year and a half prior to joining Foresters.

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