Travelance is Launching New Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance Plan

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Travelance is launching their new
Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance Plan

Travelance is a marketer and distributor of travel insurance products that offers a variety of travel insurance plans at affordable prices no matter what your travel plans are, including trip cancellation/interruption, trip delay, baggage, air flight accident, and more!

Emergency medical insurance plans are available to both visitors to Canada who are ineligible for coverage under Canada’s public health care system and travelling Canadians with a valid government or university health insurance plan (GHIP/UHIP).

The company is releasing, effective August 1, 2014, their new Travelance Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance policy. Specially designed “to meet the needs of those aged 50-89 years with a valid Canadian government health insurance plan (GHIP),” this newly revised policy includes many new features as well as upgrades to existing features.

NEW: Pet Benefit

If you are hospitalized for 12 consecutive hours or more, up to $1,000 (USD) is available for your pet’s temporary accommodations and care in a pet boarding facility and your pet’s return to your home province/territory if you are evacuated or repatriated back to your home province/territory.

NEW: One Emergency Follow-Up Visit

After emergency medical treatment or discharge from hospitalization, a follow-up visit to check on the progress you’re making on your condition and treatment is extremely important. One of the new features that this policy offers is one emergency follow-up visit up to $500, when recommended by a physician.

Reduced “Tobacco User” Surcharge

If you’ve done your research, you may already know that tobacco users usually face higher premiums than non-tobacco users because of the risk associated when insuring them. Fortunately for tobacco users, Travelance has decided to reduce their surcharge from 20% to 10%.

Updated: Dental Benefit

In case of accidental damage to your teeth, you are covered for the services of a dentist up to a maximum benefit of $2,000, increased from $1,000 previously. You can also choose to have the comfort of receiving treatment later in your home province/territory, as long as it is completed within 90 days of your accident.

Updated: Meals and Accommodations

An unexpected accident can lead to paying for more meals and accommodations than you originally budgeted for. The new update to this policy increases the previous $100/day up to a $,1000 limit, to $250/day and up to a limit of $2,500.

When we wanted a more in-depth look at what Travelance has to offer, they gladly answered our questions. Here’s what they had to say.

1. When was Travelance founded?
Travelance was founded in April 2013.

2. When was this new product developed?
We began offering our Seniors Emergency Medical Insurance plan in November 2013 and now our most enhanced version has been made available starting August 1, 2014.

3. What other products do you offer?
Travelance offers more than just emergency medical insurance for seniors! We also offer travel insurance to Canadians travelling abroad, new immigrants and visitors to Canada.

Canadians can choose from a variety of travel insurance plans, including cruise and youth plans.

Visitors to Canada can purchase one of two plans — Essential or Premier. Our Essential plan is a streamlined emergency medical plan with no coverage for pre-existing conditions. Our Premier plan builds on the Essential plan and has upgraded and additional benefits as well as coverage available for pre-existing conditions (conditions may apply).

4. Are there any other carriers offering a similar plan? If so, what makes this plan unique?
Yes, many other carriers offer a Seniors emergency medical plan. It is a competitive market area but our plans stand out for the following reasons:

• the exceptional broker support we provide

• the strong reputation of our underwriter, Reliable Life Insurance Company

• the enhancements we make to our plans which are based on direct feedback from our brokers

In addition:

• All annual plans allow clients to take an unlimited amount of trips within a year of purchase, provided each trip is a 15- or 30-day duration (depending on plan chosen).

• Optional 3-month pre-existing period stability upgrade

• Base rates include a $250 Deductible. Optional Deductible Discounts are as follow:

• $250 – is automatically calculated

o $0 Deductible (+10%)

o $500 Deductible (-5%)

o $1,000 Deductible (-10%)

o $5,000 Deductible (-30%)

o $10,000 Deductible (-40%)

5. Can you give an example of pricing for both a male and female in their 50s and 60s?
Premium rates are calculated based the age, the trip length, and health score of the traveller. Health scores are determined based on the traveller’s responses to the questions on the medical eligibility questionnaire.

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  • Steven
    August 15, 2014 at 10:50 am


    I’m just curious since it says 15-30 days duration (the trip) does that mean that the coverage is only effective for that number of length? What if I wish to travel longer then that?

    • Nowlen
      August 15, 2014 at 11:46 am

      Yes – if the trip is longer you would have to look for a plan with a longer duration period.

  • Sheena
    August 8, 2014 at 11:11 am

    This is fantastic! Seniors are able to travel with some peace of mind now if anything were to happen. Where would I go to get more information on this? My parents who are seniors are deciding on traveling and are on the lookout for a good travel insurance.

    • LSM Insurance
      August 8, 2014 at 11:12 am

      Thanks Sheena. I’m glad you found the article helpful.