What Your Territorial Health Plan Covers: Yukon

The provincial health plan in the Yukon is called the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan, and it is available to all permanent residents of the Yukon Territory.

What the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan Covers

    • All physician services required by a doctor, including pregnancy
    • Medical and surgical supplies and equipment
    • Dentures and rebases every five years
    • Hearing aids
    • Dental surgical procedures that are performed in hospital
    • Standard accommodation and meals in hospital
    • Necessary services provided by nurses and hospital staff
    • X-rays, labs, and other diagnostic services
    • Physiotherapy and radiology services where you can get them
    • Outpatient services

What the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan Doesn’t Cover

  • Optometrists and opticians, including the provision of eyeglasses
  • Assistive devices, such as braces, walkers, and others
  • Podiatrist, osteopath, orthodontist, and chiropractor services
  • Third-party medical exams
  • Any product that does not require a prescription, such as vitamins, cold medicines, and other pro
  • Services from a nursing home.
  • Dental procedures, unless prior approval has been given.
  • Prescription drugs for use outside of the hospital.

Extended Health and Drug Benefits for Those Groups that Qualify

  • The Children’s Optical and Drug Program, which provides prescription drug and optometry costs for children under 19 in low-income families
  • The Chronic Disease Program provides prescription drugs, medical and surgical supplies, food supplements, and prosthetics for those with chronic diseases and functional permanent disabilities
  • Pharmacare for seniors providing prescription drugs, all senior health benefit services, and some non-prescription supplies, such as syringes for diabetics
  • Extended Healthcare for Seniors, which covers medical and surgical supplies, hearing aids, dental care, eye exams, and glasses

If you’re thinking about purchasing supplemental health insurance coverage for the treatments that the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan does not cover, please call us 1-866-899-4849. If you need more information on the Yukon Healthcare Insurance Plan, please visit its website.

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