Forester Life Insurance Company’s Whole Life Insurance Plan

Posted on June 18, 2012 and updated June 18, 2012 in Canadian Life Insurance Companies, Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News, Permanent Insurance 2 min read

Foresters Life Insurance Company of Canada offers a very competitive whole life insurance plan that is called the Advantage Series. This plan provides permanent whole life insurance with the option of purchasing additional protection.

Additional protection is a combination of a one-year term insurance that’s renewable but not convertible and paid-up additional insurance. The renewable but not convertible portion has no cash value or loan value and does not share in the dividend. The paid-up insurance is purchased by dividends, but the dividends are not guaranteed.

The Forester Advantage plan is broken down into four product types:

  • Foresters Advantage, which has higher premiums and higher cash values and is a participating whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage One, which has more moderate premiums and more moderate cash values and is a blended whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage Two, which has medium premium and medium cash values blended whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage Three, which has lower premiums, lower cash values and a Term to 100 policy with values and blended whole life.

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