Forester Life Insurance Company’s Whole Life Insurance Plan

Foresters Life Insurance Company of Canada offers a very competitive whole life insurance plan that is called the Advantage Series. This plan provides permanent whole life insurance with the option of purchasing additional protection.

Additional protection is a combination of a one-year term insurance that’s renewable but not convertible and paid-up additional insurance. The renewable but not convertible portion has no cash value or loan value and does not share in the dividend. The paid-up insurance is purchased by dividends, but the dividends are not guaranteed.

The Forester Advantage plan is broken down into four product types:

  • Foresters Advantage, which has higher premiums and higher cash values and is a participating whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage One, which has more moderate premiums and more moderate cash values and is a blended whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage Two, which has medium premium and medium cash values blended whole life policy.
  • Foresters Advantage Three, which has lower premiums, lower cash values and a Term to 100 policy with values and blended whole life.

For more details on whole life insurance in Canada, please contact us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Whole Life Insurance Quote Page

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