Group Insurance and Medical Tests

Posted on February 2, 2012 and updated February 13, 2012 in Group Benefits, Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News 1 min read

Most group insurance policies in Canada do not require medical evidence with the application, meaning that employees in the company can obtain life, disability, and health coverage without a medical. The one caveat is that the insurance company can adjust the company’s premiums on renewal if they have a very high claims experience.

Most insurance carriers in Canada have a non-evidence limit on life insurance and disability insurance. The amounts for long-term disability insurance vary from company to company, but they’re generally in the $1,500 a month benefit range and the $75,000 range in terms of life insurance.

Additional life and disability insurance may be obtained by the employee, subject to a medical. Larger companies may qualify for higher amounts of non-evident life and disability insurance coverage.

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