Faith Life Financial – Two Participating Whole Life Solutions

Faith Life Financial offers the following two participating whole life policies:

1. The Whole Life Life Pay plan

2. The Whole Life Life Pay paid-up at 65

Whole life insurance, payable for life, is available to non-smoking applicants age 18 to 75 and smokers up to age 75. (in an odd twist, children 18 and under are issued smoker rates, but can switch to non-smoker rates at age 18.)

Death benefits can be as low as $10,000, and payments can be made on a monthly or annual basis. The policies have guaranteed cash-surrender values and reduced paid-up insurance values as well as a dividend values. Dividend values will depend on the insurance company’s profitability.

Faith Life Financial’s Life Pay Paid-up at 65 also offers lifetime protection, but the policy is guaranteed paid-up on the applicant’s 65th birthday. Coverage is also available to non-smokers age 18 to 45 and smokers (or children assessed at smoker rates) up to age 45.

For more details on whole life insurance in Canada, please contact us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Whole Life Insurance Instant Quote Page.

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