Group vs. Individual Health and Dental Insurance

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Getting your health and dental covered
individually or as part of a group

Group health and dental insurance plans provide coverage for a group of people, while individual health and dental coverage provides coverage to an individual and/or his family.

Group plans can be established through a company, an association, or a religious organization. There are many advantages to a group health and dental plan versus an individual plan. The following are some of the advantages:

1. Group insurance premiums often provide a better value because the cost of coverage is pooled among a larger number of individuals.

2. Group insurance policies generally do not require a medical exam, making it easier for individuals who have a past history of poor health and pre-existing conditions to qualify for the coverage.

3. Employers generally cover all or part of the group insurance premium.

4. Some group life, disability, and critical illness coverage plans allow the employee to continue all or part of the coverage.

However, the one downside of a group policy versus an individual plan is that the coverage is not tailored to the individual but rather the group. Individual health and dental plans generally allow the individual to choose from a variety of coverage options.

For more details on group health and dental insurance, please visit our Group Benefits Online Quote Page. For individual health and dental insurance, visit our Individual Insurance Quote Page or contact us at 1-866-899-4849.

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