Tips for Scoring Well on your Life Insurance Medical Exam

Life insurance applications are often accompanied by medical tests. The following are some tips for passing the most common life insurance medical tests:

Blood Pressure

The best readings are taken in your least stressful environment. Try and minimize any caffeine, as this can impact blood pressure readings, along with stress. If you require an oversized blood pressure cuff, please let the nurse know in advance, as this could also have a major impact on the reading.

Blood profile tests

1. If a fasting blood profile is required, have a moderate dinner with nothing to eat or drink until the early afternoon.

2. Avoid strenuous exercise the day of, or the day before, the test.

3. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, or alcohol.

Urine Samples

1. Drink lots of water prior to your urine and blood testing.

2. Refrain from exercise before the specimen is given.

· Source: Quality Underwriting

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