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Things just go from bad to worse in Japan, first an earthquake, then a tsunami and now the threat of a nuclear disaster. It all makes our hearts ache for survivors and victims alike.

It’s no secret that earthquakes are lethal and emotionally devastating, especially in Japan, where the Sendai quake registered a 9.0 reading on the richter scale and earned its place as the fifth strongest earthquake ever recorded. The last thing you want to think about after surviving something like that is having to pay to pick up the pieces — that’s where life insurance comes in.

All five major Canadian insurance companies we surveyed will cover death in the event of a natural disaster. The one caveat is, the natural disaster cannot occur in a place that already has a travel exclusion–like a war zone.

The prevalence of natural disasters continues to rise. It was only two months prior to the Sendai Quake that swaths of Australia were under water. 

While only 75,252 lives were lost per year in the 90s, as opposed to 86,328 annually in the 80s, an average of 211 million people a year touched by natural disaster in the 90s — up from 147 million in the 80s.

There are three times more natural disasters now than there ever were in the 1960s and the economic impact has increased by a factor of nine over the same period.

Death due to earthquake is getting more and more realistic all the time, so a life insurance policy that pays out when someone dies in an earthquake is only a natural decision.

The Top Five Earthquakes Ever Were Recorded Are…

1. May 22, 1960 Valdivia, Chile 9.5

2. March 27, 1964 Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA  9.2

3. December 26, 2004 Sumatra, Indonesia 9.1

4. November 4, 1952 Kamchatka, Russia (then USSR) 9.0

5. March 11, 2011 Sendai, Japan 9.0

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