Elisabeth Prosper: Whole Life Insurance Specialist

Elisabeth Prosper headshot

Elisabeth Prosper was born and grew up in Haiti before heading to France where she completed a Master Degree in Economics at the University of Aix-En Provence.

Currently, she is a fully-licensed life insurance broker and as LSM Insurance’s Whole Life Insurance specialist, Elisabeth can serve her clients in  three different languages — English, French and Creole.

Whole life insurance, as the name implies, is insurance which provides coverage for the policyholder’s entire lifetime.

Whole life policies can be divided into two categories, Participating and Non-participating.

Both policies provide level premiums, lifetime protection and a guaranteed cash-value, but participating whole life plans pay an annual dividend. The annual dividend is NOT guaranteed, and in most instances is linked to long-term interest rates as well as the insurance company’s performance.

If you have an existing participating whole life policy which was purchased in a high interest environment, it is a good idea to request an updated policy illustration because the projected values may have changed dramatically.

Most participating whole life policies have multiple dividend options.

Let Elisabeth put her exceptional communication and organizational skills to work for you. If you’d like her to assess your own Whole Life Insurance needs call us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Whole Life Insurance Quote Page.


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