Travel Insurance: Understanding the Subrogation Clause

Many working professionals rely on their company’s group health insurance plan for their medical needs. Though, if they happen to get sick on vacation, many assume that their travel insurance will cover the cost.

While this fact is true, travel insurance policies come with a Subrogation clause, which means “to take money from.” As a result, the traveler’s group plan is activated to help pay for their medical costs on a trip. For example, if the medical comes to $60,000 the group plan could be forced to cover half the cost. Still, why should your group plan be negatively impacted by a travel claim?

Travel Underwriters offers one of the highest subrogation limits in the Canadian marketplace. If your client’s group plan has a lifetime maximum limit of $100,000 or less, Travel Underwriters will pay the full amount and won’t subrogate.

If you have any questions about the Travel Underwriter’s plan, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-866-899-4849, or get a quote at our Travel Insurance Quote Page.

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