The Best Life Insurance Tip

Posted on July 6, 2010 and updated September 9, 2010 in Insurance Types, Life Insurance Canada News 1 min read

We have offered many life insurance tips to our visitors over the years. However, one of our most popular recommendations is to always complete a full physical before canceling your existing life insurance policy.

This tip recently came to light after a client canceled his life insurance policy, refused to take this advice and was subsequently diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

The client wanted to reinstate his policy, but because of his new health status, he was unable to re-activate the coverage and obtaining new coverage was much more expensive or unavailable with many carriers.

Proving how important it is to go for a full physical before canceling your existing insurance policy.

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LSM Insurance
LSM Insurance

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Tamera Axelsen
Tamera Axelsen

I have been reading a bit about life insurance, and have to admit that I know absolutely zero about this beast. It may be a little out of context, but does anyone know what happenes if my insurance company go bankrupted?