The Ins and Outs of Group Critical Illness Coverage

Group Critical Illness coverage can be an excellent complement to your company’s existing benefit plans. The coverage can be built into your existing benefits policy or can be used as an add-on to an existing benefit plan.

The following are some of the primary features of group Critical Illness coverage:

1. The coverage is generally available without a medical. The premiums and face amounts will depend on the size of the group, along with the age and gender of the group plan members.


2. Generally employees ages 18 to 65 are eligible for group Critical Illness coverage.


3. There are no spending restrictions. Employees can spend the benefits however they wish. They can use the money to offset additional medical expenses, to try complementary medicine, make renovations to their home or use the money for in home care.


4. The coverage is portable. Should the employee leave the group, depending on the carrier, the coverage can be maintained without medical evidence.


5. The coverage is a living benefit. The critical illness benefit is paid out to the member even if he or she makes a full recovery.


6. Group Critical Illness coverage gives members access to Best Doctors. Best Doctors is a standard feature under most group Critical Illness plans. The addition of the program means the plan can provide the member with a financial payout and access to the best medical services around the world to help the member employee with the recovery plan.


For more details on Group Critical Illness coverage, you can contact us at 1-866-899-4849 or visit our Group Benefits Online Quote Page.



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