When Mortgage Insurance through a Bank Makes Sense

Mortgage insurance through a lending institution, such as a bank or a credit union, is generally a very poor value to a consumer. However, there are a few instances, when mortgage insurance or mortgage life insurance through a lending institution can make sense.



1. When the insured is a smoker. In some instances, when both spouses are on a mortgage are smokers, the plan offered through a bank or a trust company can be lower than an individual life insurance policy.

2. If the insured is already covered under a mortgage insurance plan, with a lending institution and is poor health. Re-applying for an individual life insurance policy likely will not make sense, as he or she will either not qualify for individual life insurance coverage, or the coverage will be available on a rated basis, meaning there will be a surcharge because of the insured’s health issue.

3. The insured does not want to go through the hassle of a medical. This is a bit of a quasi-benefit, because while the insured avoids the hassles of a medical exam under most creditor insurance policies, the underwriting is often done at the time of claim. With an individual life insurance policy, your underwriting is done at the time of application, rather than at the time of claim, so you have a better chance of collecting the benefit.


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