High Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Doctors demand action
High cholesterol may put you in front of him,
but don’t let it hurt your eligibility

Almost 48% of men and 43% of women in Canada have high cholesterol. With high cholesterol more and more common in Canada, insurance companies have started heavily considering it when evaluating life insurance applications for eligibility.

When combined with other health issues, high cholesterol is more likely to shut you out from life insurance, but you’ll probably still be able to qualify if high cholesterol is your only health issue. However, rates vary widely from company to company and we can help you compare the rates of the top 12 carriers in Canada through our free online Rates Analysis Calculator.

Almost 48% of men and 43% of women in Canada have high cholesterol.

Keep in mind that while you will likely still be able to receive life insurance, your high cholesterol will not get you preferred rates. Preferred rates are reserved for those in very good health and those with a very clean family health history.

It’s absolutely critical that you choose a broker who has experience selling to clients with high cholesterol and who can tell you the following five variables that insurance companies look for when evaluating a candidate with high cholesterol:

  1. Height and Weight    

    High cholesterol often goes hand-in-hand with obesity and that combination will likely mean life insurance isn’t an option. If you’re only 30-40 pounds overweight, insurance can still be available to you, but with a rating (an extra premium because of the health issues).

  2. Insurance Company  

    Each insurance company has its own unique underwriting criteria. Choose a broker that is absolutely aware of those individual requirements.

  3. Total Cholesterol Readings  

    Total cholesterol readings above 6.0 (240 mg/dL) can be troublesome. Optimum health means keeping your LDL levels (bad cholesterol) below 129 mg/dL, your HDL Levels (good cholesterol) above 60 mg/dL and your triglycerides below 150 mg/dL.

  4. Non-compliance 

    Not following your doctor’s recommendations could mean you’ll never qualify for life insurance.

  5. Under 30

    High cholesterol under age 30 will be put under the microscope by the insurance companies because it’s not as common among young people and often comes with more underlying health issues. 

If you’ve been rejected for traditional insurance, there can still be a silver lining and we can help set you up with a simplified issue or guaranteed issue plan that requires a limited number of medical questions, or none at all.


You can get a free Non-medical Life Insurance quote at our Instant Quote Page. You may also contact us at 1.866.899.4849 for more information.

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