7 tips to boost your health condition instantly

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The cost of your health insurance policy premium depends on a number of factors like your age, the benefits you choose or your health status. The first two values are usually both quite firmly defined, but the condition of your health can be improved immensely without spending too much additional time or money. If you’ve always wanted to improve your health condition, follow all or some of our tips and feel the difference for yourself!


Do you drink enough? Being hydrated or dehydrated influences not just how you feel, but also your efficiency. Long term dehydration often leads to skin problems, loss of appetite, worse physical performance, trouble concentrating or even to a stroke, to name a few. Staying hydrated is a bit tricky, because adults developed the nasty habit of ignoring the early signals of thirst and drink only when the thirst (dehydration) fully develops. In fact for every 16 pounds of your weight you should drink 10 fl oz (1 big glass) of fluids every day, while spirits, wine, coffee and black tea don’t count in at all and beer contributes to your daily intake only by half of its quantity. (We are of course not suggesting that you should drink beer twice as much.)

Proper meal timing

If you often feel tired even though you don’t usually skip meals, try to eat 6 light meals a day instead of just 3 big meals. Your blood sugar will keep quite high during the whole day which should help you to stay concentrated on what you are doing. Also eating more times smaller amounts of food helps to get slimmer, so it this is one of your goals, go for it!

Sleep less

If you think you sleep enough but still feel tired and sleepy during the day, or if you lie in bed for ages, not able to fall asleep, try the following trick. The following night go to sleep later than you normally do and get up after only 5 hours. If you slept the whole time, add additional 30 minutes the following night and if you sleep again the whole time, keep adding 30 minutes at a time, until you actually find the right amount of sleep time for you. The important thing is that you sleep the whole time. If you can’t, shorten the time you spend in bed. You should experience much more energy during the day and getting to sleep should not be a problem anymore.

Quit smoking

What actually happens in human body after the last cigarette? Within 8 hours, carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal, while oxygen in blood increases back to normal. After 24 hours, the chance of a heart attack decreases. After 48 hours the nerve endings begin to re-growth and the ability to smell and taste improves drastically. After about one month after the last cigarette, coughing disappear, sinuses are clean again and lung function increases. This 23 minutes presentation might help you to make the final decision, so give it a try!

Get a pet

Why you might ask? According to the many studies, having a pet (especially a dog) actually decreases your blood pressure and heart rate! How is that possible? One way to look at it is the increased exercise that comes with caring for a pet. Another thing is the calming influence of another living creature – especially for those living alone.

Take a vacation

Of course taking some time of every year or even a few time a year contributes to your health in many ways, but to be more specific – taking a vacation is very good for your heart! According to a study at The State University of New York, middle-age women who didn’t take frequent vacations have 8x the risk of either having a heart attack or dying of heart disease.

Laugh out loud

You’ve surely heard of this one: laughing improves your health. But how exactly? For one, laughter reduces the stress hormones that have been linked to heart disease. It also lowers the blood pressure and prevents the heart attack by making your blood vessels expand.

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