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Our campaign for the 4 day work week turned up in the Globe and Mail last week as full page article in the business section. We were honoured that they chose Jack and Lorne as the lead photo.

We were also thrilled to see that other companies are moving to a four day work week as well. Our staff is more productive than ever. Unfortunately, for the moment we are finding that the four day work week doesn’t apply to company owners.

Writer Kira Vermond analysed the Monday to Thursday work week in her piece “How Green is your four-day work week?”. Some key findings: 

  • 34% of workers prefer a condensed work week

  • four-day work weeks are more difficult in a service business (that’s us)

  • many people work part of the extra day from home

  • people don’t necessarily go car-free on their extra day off

We at LSM Insurance will always be here to help you five days a week though. If someone is taking off Friday, somebody else is taking off Monday.

Read the full article attached below the fold.

The Globe and Mail How green is your four day work week photo
The Globe and Mail How green is your four day work week article
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