4 Day Work Week on front page of Markham Economist


4 day work week raves

An exciting day. I woke up to see our 4 day work week on the front page of the city newspaper, The Markham Economist and Sun, with my picture.

It looks like my cover as a normal Markham family guy has been blown. Next thing you know I’ll be stopped for impromptu insurance sessions in the local grocer’s produce section.

The Markham Economist & Sun got the focus of the 4 day work week absolutely right: the tremendous benefits to employees:

Mr. Marr believes a shorter work week reduces fuel costs, increases family time and improves employee morale.

“In some way, they work more during the four days, since they’re being more productive,” Mr. Marr said. “Our company is based on salary and bonus pay, so they can actually make more money off the bonus pay by being more focused and working harder.”

Mr. Marr came up with the idea because of skyrocketing gas prices.

“The employees choose which day they’d like off, which is usually Friday,” Mr. Marr said. “As long as they get their work done, it doesn’t matter to me which day they take off.

“I think more companies, sooner or later, will start doing this,” he said. “The bigger companies, like IBM, can’t do it as easily since they can’t really think outside the box. They have more channels to go through, more people to consult with to make a decision like this.”

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