Manulife’s Lineup – Full of Built-in Features

moneyManulife Financial’s disability insurance line-up has five products. Their Proguard Series is geared toward professionals. This is their flagship policy, and includes many built-in features. The plan has elimination periods from 30 days to 2 years. Benefit periods range from 2 years, 5 years and to age 65. The insured’s benefit can range from $200 to $24,500 a month.

The Proguard plan also offers a whole host of riders, including a cost of living rider to keep in line with inflation; a specific occupation rider for specialized occupations such as surgeons; and variety of return of premium riders that allow the insured to receive some of their premium back for staying healthy.

Another of Manulife’s disability plans is the Venture Series—a lower cost disability plan which fits the needs of all types of occupations. The Venture plan has less standard features than the Proguard series, but is available for full-time and part-time workers.

The ExpenseComp plan reimburses office overhead expenses for a small business or professional practice during disability. This plan has a maximum benefit period of 24 months.

Manulife’s Buy-Sell Plus provides funds for the healthy owners of a partnership or small business to buy out the shares of a disabled partner. The plan is unlike traditional disability coverage in that it pays out a lump sum rather than a monthly benefit.

Lastly, Manulife has a personal accident plan available for the blue-collar worker or the difficult to insure.

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