Lorne and family pictured in the National Post

Lorne and family featured on front page of Canada's National Post

Lorne with his wife their children Beau, Vanessa and Elle chosen for the holiday picture on 26 December 2005 on the front page of The National Post.

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  • John Campfield
    December 15, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Hi, Ms. Marr:

    Your excellent article Understanding Genetic Testing and Life Insurance really struck a chord with me. From Calgary, i’m visiting with friends in Toronto. I used their computer to post a couple of comments on your article. They are quite upset about this, because they work in the life insurance and mutual funds sectors and (a) disagree vehemently with what i said about insurers,(b) one of them is a member of the ADVOCIS and the IFB and the other of the IIROC and neither agree with what i said about those organizatiosn, and (c)they are afraid of companies or SRO regulators somehow linking my posts to them via tracking with cookies or something, and though this sounds far-fetched, they swear this sort of info can and is harvested by SRO regulators and big financial institutions, which i doubt and is ironic in light of the privacy angle of the article!

    anyway, is it possible for you to remove my posts and when i am back in Calgary i will re-post them, minus typos.

    finally, i tend to go a liitle (or a lot)overboard when i have too much eggnog and get on the topic of insurance institions with HQs in Ontario. my wife`s family is from Toronto and tend to bring this irrationality out in me!

    i also meant to say in my 2nd comment for `additional insight, see the CLHIA articles` because saying `for real insight` might make people think i don`t agree with the orginal article and comments. that is far from the case!!! your site`s article is the single best up to date layperson guide to this issue of genetic screening i could find on the web. sorry if i seemed disrespectful — that was not my intent at all. obviously i should not drink and text as it affects my word choice.

    best of luck, and next time when i post i will show more sober mindedness — or at least i will post from my own home computer!

    • LSM Insurance
      December 28, 2013 at 8:15 pm

      Sorry for the delay. I was away on a family holiday but I just removed the comments.