Chantal and family pictured in the National Post

Posted on January 2, 2006 and updated April 26, 2012 in Life Insurance Canada News, LSM In The News 1 min read
Lorne and family featured on front page of Canada's National Post

Chantal with her husband Lorne and their children Beau, Vanessa and Elle chosen for the holiday picture on 26 December 2005 on the front page of The National Post.

John Campfield
John Campfield

Hi, Ms. Marr: Your excellent article Understanding Genetic Testing and Life Insurance really struck a chord with me. From Calgary, i’m visiting with friends in Toronto. I used their computer to post a couple of comments on your article. They are quite upset about this, because they work in the life insurance and mutual funds sectors and (a) disagree vehemently with what i said about insurers,(b) one of them is a member of the ADVOCIS and the IFB and the other of the IIROC and neither agree with what i said about those organizatiosn, and (c)they are afraid of companies… Read more »