Life Insurance and Heart Attack

Lorne: I’m here with Mike Liem today from Canada Protection Plan, and we’re talking about different health issues and how you can qualify for life insurance. I was going to ask you about something we get inquiries on, and that’s heart attacks. Can you still qualify for life insurance, what kind of life insurance you can get, and would Canada Protection Plan be a good fit?

Mike: An excellent question. We do get a lot of clients with heart conditions, whether it’s a stent has been placed in, an angioplasty, heart attack, or even a stroke. Really, for us, it depends on timeline. What we have are questions I’ll lay out: it’s basically, has it happened in the last 12 months, has it happened more or less than two or three years ago? Depending on the age, and if it’s been a while ago and was one or two instances, we can actually go with simplified elite up to half a million dollars.

Lorne: Wow, so someone who had a heart attack can get a half-million dollars?

Mike: Absolutely.

Lorne: And on an immediate basis?

Mike: Yeah. Every case can be unique—some heart attacks are different than others. But we encourage you to email our underwriting at underwriting@Canada Protection No names. You can just send in the client’s information: male/female, smoker status, date of birth, and see what they would get with us.

Lorne: Wow, that’s great information. Thanks.

Mike: Thank you.


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