How does the Canada Protection Plan New Advisor Assist Program work?

Lorne: Hi, I’m here with Mike Liem of Canada Protection Plan, and I wanted to talk to him a little bit about the new Advisor Assist Program and how that works.

Mike: Great. Thanks again for having me, Lorne. The Advisor Assist Program came out on May 29th. It’s basically our own little better way to do business, let’s call it. We’ve decided to help advisors help themselves and help their clients because we hear the stories a lot, where, “oh, I’m an advisor and I’m going to set up my website,” and then, you know, one, two, three years go, and we never see a website from this advisor. So, basically, what Canada Protection Plan has done is create our own website for advisors to use where everything is done for them. No investment in technology.

Lorne: That’s great.

Mike: And again, we give it to each advisor that has a quote with us who goes through our qualifications for it—because they have to have their errors and omission insurance (E&O), their life license, and everything else to be able to do it.

Lorne: That’s terrific! How has the feedback been so far?

Mike: Great. We’re getting a lot of requests right now to get everything set up. Once it’s set up, it’s pretty much self serving. We actually tell advisors that, if you’re going to email your clients or set it up on a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn site, you basically ask the clients, “do it yourself, do it on your own time,” because I think clients do that or want to do that more often, especially with the internet nowadays.

Lorne: Yeah for sure, well that sounds like a great idea. Thanks for telling us about it.

Mike: No problem.


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