Four Day Work Week

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LSM Insurance is one of the first companies in Ontario that benefits from the concept of the four day work week.

The concept was established in 2009 by the founder of LSM Insurance, Lorne Marr and was first meant as an experimental solution to company’s lack of resources for employees’ benefits caused by the economical recession of 2008.

The idea was not just give the staff free Fridays every week, but also to let them have more flexible working hours which means more freedom to choose when to work from home and when to attend the office. Having a four day work week doesn’t only mean longer weekends. It’s also less time commuting, therefore less time in traffic jams, less money spent on gas and ultimately, less stress and more time to spend with the family.

The concept of the four day work week was a great success so we have decided to sum all the mentions and everything helpful on the topic and share the story with everyone in hope to inspire more companies.

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