Disability Insurance:

News from 2009

Understanding the Disability Waiver of Premium

The Disability Waiver of Premium rider takes financial stress away, so you can still play sports like you use to. Disability Waiver of Premium is a rider available on most life insurance policies.However, most insurance companies have a maximum issue age on the rider of 60, so applicants over that age will not be able to add this rider. The Disability Waiver of Premium is intended to waive the insured's premiums should he or she become disabled. Essentially, the insurance company ...
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Disability Insurance – Comparing Definitions of Disability

When analyzing your disability insurance needs it's very important to understand the fine print of your contract. Unlike life insurance there is much more grey area surrounding what qualifies for a claim. The definition of disability used in a disability contract can have a direct impact on the insureds ability to collect when he/she needs the money most. Below are three definitions of disabilities used in most injury and illness insurance contracts. Any Occupation Under this ...
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