Life Insurance and Drug Use History

Lorne: I have Mike Liem with me from Canada Protection Plan and we’re going to talk about an issue we run into on our site and with advisors: clients and prospective clients who have a history of drug use. How would Canada Protection Plan treat them, how can some of those people get coverage, what are some things you are looking for?

Mike: That’s an excellent question, Lorne. We get that a lot now, especially since we released our new Express Elite app. Let’s say a client tried cocaine five years ago. We know from other traditional carriers that it would still be a decline, but for us, our clients can still apply for Express Elite because we still consider them healthy, even though they tried something like cocaine (or something else) five years ago or more. With respect to that, if they tried it within a three-year period, they can still get coverage from our A-Z app, which is our old Simplified Elite. With that, they can still get coverage. That’s the whole point because we’re very lenient now—especially with marijuana. We take a lot of prescription medical marijuana users that use it every day. Remember, at Canada Protection Plan, if your client smokes marijuana four times or less per week, we consider them non-smokers. If they use the edibles or the oils, they are also non-smokers.

Lorne: Wow, and non-smokers get pretty much your standard rate.

Mike: Yeah, I mean, marijuana is very new. It’s just been legalized not even a year ago, but we’ve always been what we call marijuana friendly because we do have a lot of marijuana users as clients.

Lorne: Wow, that’s great. Thanks for sharing that. We appreciate that, and once again, thanks.

Mike: Thank you.


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