All You Must Know about Canada Protection Plan’s A-Z Program and App

Lorne: I’m here with Mike Liam today from Canada Protection Plan and we’re talking a little bit about some of their different plans. We are going to talk now about your A-Z program and how that works and how it fits in with some of the other things that you’re doing.

Mike: Thanks Lorne, again, thanks for having me. The A-Z is basically our old existing app. It doesn’t change. We just renamed it because we introduced our new Express Elite app for healthy people. So, the A-Z app was renamed because we cover all medical issues from A-Z. If your client has any history of heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, or colitis, we cover all those issues. So, whenever your client has trouble with another company, they come to us. We used to be a secondary strategy for every client that was declined, postponed or rated. Now many just come to us because they know they have a health issue already. Why are we so successful with that? We’ve been around for almost 30 years as a company, so our claims history is very good. We know what’s a good risk versus a bad risk.

Lorne: I think you have something on your claim’s history as to what the percentage is?

Mike: Yeah, we actually stamp it in all our brochures for the advisors and tell them we have a claims payout ratio of 98% from 2015 to 2018.

Lorne: Wow. That’s fantastic! That’s really good. Anything else about the A-Z program that might differentiate it from other companies?

Mike: We are underwritten by Foresters. A lot of people may or may not know that. They also get the Foresters medical benefits that are included. A huge bonus for a lot of people because again, they just don’t know what they can get for free, basically.

Lorne: That’s great. Thanks for sharing that Mike. I appreciate it.


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