Lewis W. Best

I really appreciate all the hard work Andrew Burdi and LSM Insurance have done for me. I had been insured with a company for years and only recently learned it was term insurance, I had no idea what that meant.

Andrew took the time to visit me at my home at a time convenient to me. Together we called the head office of the company that held my existing insurance policy. We found that my premiums, which were 67 dollars a month for the last nine years, were going to go up in a year on my 80th birthday to 243 dollars per month. The following year the premiums were to rise up to 275 a month and the subsequent year the premiums were supposed to go up 310 dollars per month.

When I heard that, I was very disappointed and confused how this could happened to me.

I’m on a fixed income and I need this policy for my final expenses. I’m really glad that Andrew took the time to explain things to me. He researched the market place and was able to find me a reasonable priced plan – one where the premiums will never increase. This cost certainty is crucial for me given I am on fixed budget.

If anybody is considering purchasing personal insurance I would most definitely use LSM Insurance and ask for Andrew Burdi, because he really knows his stuff.

Thanks again for setting it straight for me Andrew, you are most appreciated.

Lewis W. Best

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