Charlotte Hutcheson

Speaking from the perspective of parents with a young family, as soon as each of our daughters were born, our lives of course were forever changed. Like all good parents, we naturally went into “protective” mode and everything we lived and breathed beyond that point was in consideration of our girls first! The “what if’s” began to enter our minds… “What if one of us becomes ill or dies?” We could not begin to completely enjoy this journey with our daughters without the security of knowing that in the event of a tragic accident or sudden illness, the remaining parent would be taken care of and be able to focus on being a supportive parent, not just focused on keeping a float with paying all the bills. We always had mortgage insurance through our financial institution and with our growing family, we decided to look into the terms and conditions and overall reliability of this policy. To our surprise and disappointment, we had been contributing our hard earned dollars to something that may not have necessarily helped us in a moment of need! Message here to all young families with or without children, reevaluate your life insurance plan and make sure your investment is concrete! In researching mortgage and life insurance brokers, we came across this article which swayed us into contacting LSM Insurance.

We were referred to Jack Bendahan a senior broker at LSM Insurance. As soon as we met Jack, we knew we had made the right decision. Jack and LSM Insurance don’t employ high pressure sales tactics – Jack came with facts, personal experiences and a very candid and warm personality.His passion for what he does is very apparent and personal! He made us feel extremely comfortable with the process of defining our personal needs.

As much as discussing the eventuality of death or illness is not pleasant, it helps to have someone like Jack put a positive spin on the planning process. When all of the options are laid out in front of you and explained in plain language, you instantly begin to see the value in being proactive and realistic.

My husband Mark and I were both a bit apprehensive and intimidated by the process of choosing the right plan for us because we’ve made mistakes in the past but it really comes down to finding the right person to help you make that decision. Jack has a young family of his own and he speaks to you as somebody who really understands your needs and more importantly your feelings about protecting your family. We not only have our own insurance broker now, we have a new friend.

Charlotte Hutcheson

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